Elizabeth Bernheisel is a contemporary artist who lives near Annapolis, MD. She has a BS in Art History from University of Maryland and studied decorative painted finishes with Ina Brousseau Marx in New York.

She has been creating all of her life, drawing and painting, sewing, cooking and crafts, influenced by her Mother who “always had a project going at our kitchen table.” After college, and while raising her two daughters, she worked in the home furnishings industry, first for a high end furniture manufacturer and later as designer and creator of her own lines of decorative home accessories.

Beth began exploring abstract and non-objective painting in 2015, and has recently begun to devote herself to a new career as an emerging abstract painter

Artist Statement

I love color and light and find joy in the subtle differences in hue, tone, tint and shade. I enjoy the activity of energetically making bold marks with my brushes, then softening those marks and blending color as I go, creating new colors along the way.

I am inspired by natural beauty, the shadows a leaf makes, silhouette of a tree against a sunset, the sun reflecting on water or the light coming in through a window.